1. Alchemy Series: Fireflies

    "I’d like to make myself believe
    That planet Earth turns slowly
    It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
    'Cause everything is never as it seems
    When I fall asleep”
    – Owl City (Fireflies)

  2. Alchemy Series: Sea of Voices

    "We’ll see creation come undone
    These bones that bound us will be gone
    We’ll stir our spirits ‘till we’re one
    Then soft as shadows we’ll become”
    – Porter Robinson (Sea of Voices)

  3. Alchemy Series: Science

    "A circuit of consciousness"
    – Chvrches (Science/Visions)

  4. Alchemy Series: Fade

    "A whisper on the air
    Made my heart rate fall
    When I heard you call
    And I swear, I could hear your voice in my ear
    But there was no one there at all”
    – Owl City (Up All Night)

  5. Alchemy Series: Broken

    "In these promises broken
    Deep below
    Each word gets lost in the echo
    So one last lie I can see through
    This time I finally let you go”
    – Linkin Park (Lost In The Echo)

  6. Alchemy Series: Fellow Feeling

    "I cried, for I didn’t think it could be true
    That you and I might have always known one another
    And that we could not only evoke, but conjure a place of our own
    And everywhere, that has ever existed
    Is all on the surface of our dream”
    — Porter Robinson (Fellow Feeling)

  13. Spork

  15. Oasis Fall Tour